7 Tips for How You Can Help Your Grandparents this Grandparents Day

In 1978, President Carter decided to add a new holiday to the calendar in September. That holiday is National Grandparents Day! National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The idea to put a date in place to celebrate Grandparents came from Marian McQuade.


Marian was a housewife who supported the elderly in nursing homes. This support turned into the holiday we all celebrate today. According to San Diego Family, “McQuade’s goal was to create a day to honor grandparents and give them a chance to show their love for their grandchildren. She also hoped children would learn the value of their grandparent’s strength and guidance, and return that message of love.”


National Grandparents Day is a holiday that gives us the opportunity to really show our grandparents how much we love and care for them! Did you know that research shows “more than 56 million grandparents now reside in the United States. A full 5.7 million live with their grandchildren.”


As we celebrate our grandparents this month and every month, here are seven ideas for how you can help your grandparents on National Grandparents Day.


1. Gather all the grandchildren and take time to make your grandparents feel special through making them dinner and preparing them meals for the week!


2. Interview them, help them relive their glory days by giving them the opportunity to teach about their life and experiences.


3. Create a family history book. Take the time to meet with your family and put together pieces of the past. Present this book of family history to them to commemorate and celebrate the family they have built.


4. Do you live in a different city than your grandparents? Not a problem! Send them a card with a nice note to let them know what they mean to you.


5. Gather the family together, if possible, on National Grandparents Day. Take the time to go around and have each person say why they appreciate their grandparent!


6. Surprise them with a family reunion. Try to take the time to get everyone together in one place to really celebrate your grandparents!


7. Are your grandparents no longer alive? Use National Grandparents Day as a day to celebrate the memory of your grandparents! Volunteer at an elderly home, visit an elderly neighbor or offer any kind of kindness to the elderly on this special day.


Be sure to find ways you can help make your grandparents feel special this National Grandparents Day and every day! What are your questions? We want to discuss them with you! Contact us through our website or call us at 866-603-5976 to schedule a meeting with our law firm team.