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Key Safe Driving Alternatives for Aging Seniors

For most people, driving is as easy as getting in your car, turning the key, and stepping on the gas. For many seniors, though, it is not that easy anymore. In fact, driving may not even be safe. While physical limitations and diminished awareness are a normal part of the aging process, they can make… Read more »

8 Ways to Have Fun with an Aging Parent


Getting old isn’t easy. Especially when entering one’s “Golden Years.” There is absolutely no rule, however, that says you can’t help an aging person have fun and enjoy life! Who else can you help but an aging parent? Although physical, and maybe cognitive, limitations might come into play, there’s plenty of things to do with… Read more »

Learn How to Balance Your Caregiving Schedule


Balancing a multi-age caregiver schedule can be hard. For many family members, this is a brand-new responsibility that they may have little or no prior experience in handling. Family caregiving is a role that most family members step into willingly with the goal to help those they love most, regardless of what is going on… Read more »