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Tips for Protecting Your Child When Choosing a Babysitter and More


Hiring a babysitter to cover a Friday night dinner-and-movie date is a familiar routine for many parents. Unfortunately, this is not all babysitting entails. Some parents might need a full-time babysitter or nanny, while others require part-time help with regular hours. In any case, there’s one common denominator: You’re leaving your children alone with someone… Read more »

How to Protect Your Minor Children at Summer Camp


School’s out for the summer, and one of the most common summertime activities for children are camps. Whether day programs or overnight travel excursions, summer camps provide personal growth opportunities, enriching social experiences, and lots of fun. Whenever a child is away from home and without his or her parents, however, it’s always a good… Read more »

9 Hurricane Food and Water Safety Tips for Aging Parents


We know as residents of coastal Virginia that hurricanes are enormously powerful storms. You need hurricane food and water safety tips for aging parents, and yourself. We know hurricane season can be a challenging time. They have the potential to cause widespread damage across large areas. As violent as these mega-storms can be, however, some… Read more »