Client Maintenance Plan

Client Maintenance Plan

There is a constantly changing trend across the nation today in the way we purchase services – we want what we want immediately. We want it faster, easier, simpler – everything at a click of a button.

Unfortunately, this mindset can be found in many of the clients of the legal profession as well. While the legal profession used to be known for its highly personalized service, clients are now becoming accustomed to purchasing this important service as a commodity. Why is that a poor choice? Legal Services are not commodities. They are the foundation of a relationship with your attorney that will protect you and your family during the most difficult periods in your life.

Instead of focusing on simple transactions, each of us needs to focus on establishing a relationship with a knowledgeable, caring attorney who will advocate for us and protect our loved ones in times of crisis. Without talking to a skilled estate and elder law attorney, you may not know the dangers to which you open yourself and your loved ones by treating legal services as simple transactions. After all, isn’t protecting and providing for ourselves and those we love our paramount goal? If so, most of our decisions will be driven by that goal. Doesn’t it then follow that a decision to establish a positive, caring relationship with our attorney is also vital?

The likelihood of our house burning down is low, and yet we wisely purchase fire insurance. The likelihood of our estate plan becoming out of date is high. How do we address future challenges and changes? We know based on our life experience that our documents cannot operate to their full potential alone. We need an experienced attorney by our side to ensure that our wishes are honored and properly executed.

To address these needs, Wilson Law, PLC, created our Client Maintenance Program. This program is Proactive, not Reactive. The objective is to provide peace of mind, maximum protection, and minimum risk at all times to you and your loved ones. During our Annual Review this is accomplished through:

  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Asset Registration

Members of our program say it reminds them of the “olden days” when their parents had a “family lawyer who was involved in everything”. When you utilize our Maintenance Program you keep us involved in your important life changes. As one of our wonderful clients enthusiastically stated, “You worry so we don’t have to.”

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