Disability Planning

Disability Planning

Most people do not plan on becoming disabled or unable to work. However, one in three Americans will face a disability at some point during their lives making disability planning and preparedness something that everyone should prepare for and discuss with their attorney.

When a person becomes disabled he or she is often unable to make personal health and financial decisions. When a person can no longer make these decisions on their own someone must have the legal authority to make these decisions for the disabled person. Preferably the person charged with making the decisions for the disabled person has advanced written knowledge of the disabled person’s unique wishes especially as to medical care and other important advanced directives. If a person becomes disabled without having legally appointed a trusted decision maker the disabled person’s family must apply to the court for the appointment of a guardian, who may have no idea of the disabled person’s wishes and directives. Having to petition the court for a guardian after the disability of a loved one is a burdensome and emotional process that can be alleviated with a small amount of advanced planning with a trusted attorney.

Your attorney can assist you by documenting your advanced directives so that your wishes are known and followed in the event that you are unable to make these decisions on your own. Additionally, your attorney can discuss the various legal mechanisms available to assist in alleviating the financial burden of disability on you and your loved ones.

Proper estate planning should include properly drafted and well thought out documents that address both your property and your person in the event of your disability. An attorney skilled in estate planning and disability law can discuss the options available under the law to help alleviate the financial and emotional burden of your disability on you and your loved ones.

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