Elder Law

Elder Law

As we age, the future becomes less and less certain. This reality means it is critical for you to work with your elder law attorney now to learn what steps you can take to protect and preserve your family, your assets and yourself.  Although we work with families every day who are in the midst of a long-term care crisis, the best elder law planning is done well in advance of any foreseen complications. While you are able we work together, actively making the choices, for how you want things handled should you not longer be able to make these choices for yourself.

The costs of long-term care are high and they are ever increasing. In just ten short years, the monthly costs for care in our state have doubled.  Should you need long-term care in a rehabilitation or assisted living facility these costs, in addition to your existing monthly expenses can be staggering and, over-time, threaten to deplete all of your resources. There are a number of government resources available to help you defray the cost of long-term care including the Medicaid program and the VA Pension program.

Donna is an accredited VA attorney. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is required to provide eligible veterans with monthly benefits for disability, medical care, and pension.  One example of available benefits is VA Aid and Attendance.  VA Aid and Attendance is a “special monthly pension” available to wartime veterans or surviving spouses of wartime veterans. Aid and Attendance is not actually a stand-alone benefit. Rather, it is an additional allowance that a veteran or surviving spouse who is already entitled to certain VA pension benefits (because of his or her wartime service and non-service-connected disability) may additionally be entitled to upon meeting certain medical and financial requirements. Aid and Attendance differs from compensation, which is available to all veterans who suffer from a service-connected disability.

We work with elders everyday who are interested in qualifying for these programs.  From trust planning, gift strategies, providing for your home and activating stationary assets to pay for increasing long-term care costs, we can work together to develop a strategy that will work today and well into the future. One that protects not just you but those you love most in this world.

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