Estate Planning Starts Here

When it comes to beginning the estate planning process, we start with an in-person consultation. While some attorneys may offer free quotes over the phone or one-size-fits-all pricing, working with an estate planning attorney is all about building a professional relationship.

That business relationship is built on open communication between attorney and client. Open communication requires trust. We believe the best way to build trust is with face-to-face meetings.

Proper estate planning requires a detailed discussion about your assets, your family situation, and your goals.

One size does not fit all.
When it comes to proper estate planning, one size does not fit all. Many people are familiar with what a Will is and think that a basic Will is all they need. It may be if your situation is simple and straightforward. But after meeting with an estate planning attorney, you may conclude that a Will is not the best fit for you and your circumstances.

We find that once a client learns about the many strategic benefits of using a revocable trust as part of an estate planning strategy, they understand that investing some time and money up front will likely save a significant amount of both in the long run.

An initial consultation helps your attorney understand your unique situation, and helps you understand all the tools available to create the right estate planning strategy.

A free quote over the phone is worth exactly what you paid for it.
Yes. You can find attorneys who offer a free quote over the phone. Or a fixed pricing schedule. You’ll find construction companies who’ll give you a quote over the phone too—sight unseen. These situations often result in additional costs being billed and substandard work product for the buyer, and poor business reviews and potentially even business failure for the service provider. In the end, nobody comes out ahead.

A sustainable business model requires fair and realistic pricing. Fair and realistic pricing requires a clear understanding of the project up front. An initial consultation ensures that your attorney understands your full situation before providing pricing information.

Get off on the right foot with an initial consultation.
Work with an estate planning attorney who knows how to build a business relationship and takes the time to do so. Work with an attorney who knows how to create an environment where the questions flow in both directions and takes the time to do so. Work with an attorney who provides an informed pricing model after getting to know you, your family, your finances, and your estate planning goals.

Meet with a Virginia Estate Planning Attorney
At your initial consultation, we’ll get to know you, your family dynamics, your financial picture, and your goals for estate planning. You’ll get to know us too—our knowledge and expertise, our work style, and the people who will help guide you through your estate planning process. Call Wilson Law PLC today at 866-603-5976 to set up a meeting or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you to schedule your meeting.