How an Attorney Can Help you with your Long-Term Care Planning

An attorney, especially one specialized in elder law or estate planning, can play a significant role in helping you provide for your long-term care in various ways. Here is how we can assist:

Estate Planning: An attorney can help you develop an estate plan that includes provisions for your long-term care. This might involve setting up trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and other estate planning tools that can be used to fund your care.

Long-Term Care Insurance: Attorneys can guide you to appropriate individuals to provide the information on the benefits and limitations of long-term care insurance policies, helping you choose a policy that suits your needs and ensures that the benefits can be used for the type of care you prefer.

Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney: Attorneys can help you create living wills and health care powers of attorney, to ensure your long-term care wishes are honored when you become unable to make decisions for yourself.

Guardianship: In cases where an individual becomes incapacitated without prior arrangements, an attorney can assist in establishing a guardianship or conservatorship, allowing a designated guardian to make decisions about long-term care and other matters.

Asset Protection: Attorneys can offer strategies to protect your assets from being entirely depleted by long-term care costs, which can include the appropriate structuring of assets and the use of certain types of trusts.

Tax Planning: Certain aspects of funding long-term care can have tax implications. An attorney can help you understand these and plan in a tax-efficient manner.

Dispute Resolution: If disputes arise with long-term care providers or insurers, an attorney can represent your interests and work towards a resolution.

Special Needs Trusts: For individuals with special needs, attorneys can help create supplemental special needs trusts that provide for long-term care without jeopardizing eligibility for public assistance programs.

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