If You Love Your Family, Have an Estate Plan


Looking for a creative way to show your loved ones you care? No, we’re not thinking a nice getaway or romantic dinner but writing an estate plan!


You’ve worked hard in creating the life that you have for your family including your home and cars.  Planning your estate is another way of saying “I love you” to your family.  It takes the stress off of your family when it is time to decide “who gets what” and how you would like certain things to be handled.


It’s a topic no one wants to face, however, death is inevitable. When the time comes, family and friends are already having a difficult time so by planning your estate in advance, you will ease the transition. This will not only safely ensure that your wishes are met but it will also ease your mind knowing that important aspects of your life will be taken care of through your wishes.


Without an estate, the decision making will be handed over to your state not your family. This will only cause more pain and headache for your family. Estate planning will also remove the burden of your family having to go to court to figure out how your estate should be handled.


Showing your love for your family by estate planning is better to be done sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, we do not have control over when our time will come. Do not think that it is best to wait until you get older to sit down and write your estate. The sooner, the safer your family and belongings will be!


Where to begin? Go see an attorney. An attorney will ensure that things are being done correctly and that your documents are prepared correctly. They will also be able to answer any unanswered questions and lead you in the correct direction. Contact us with your questions and we can schedule a meeting with Donna to plan your estate to ensure you and your family are protected.
While none of us like to think of the end, take this time to tell your family you love them and take the initiative to plan your estate.  Do not keep putting it off, be sure to set a time to see an attorney and work on your estate. Have peace of mind and be sure to plan your future to help your family.