Estate Planning for a Beneficiary with an Addiction


September is National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Did you know that, while difficult, it can be important to talk openly with an attorney about your loved one’s addiction? This is because most families may not want to leave an outright gift or inheritance to him or her, as that could be seized by… Read more »

World Alzheimer’s Day is September 21


Have you heard that, by 2050, the number of people living with dementia around the world is expected to triple to more than 150 million people? World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21, was established as an international campaign to raise dementia awareness and challenge stigmas associated with such a diagnosis. A collective name for progressive degenerative… Read more »

Why Should You Have a Strong Durable Power of Attorney?


A power of attorney grants another person the legal authority to make financial, legal, or medical decisions on your behalf. This person is known as your agent. There are several different types of powers of attorney. A non-durable power of attorney takes effect immediately, but terminates when you become incapacitated, and may not be of… Read more »