5 Ideas You Can Use When Talking to Your Loved Ones About Long-Term Care Planning Over the Holidays

With everyone in your family gathering together during the holiday season, whether the gathering is in person or virtual, December can be a good time to talk to your loved ones about long-term planning. Have you thought about having a conversation with loved ones about long-term planning? As this year ends and a new one… Read more »

How Do I Choose An Estate Planning Attorney Near Me?

Have you recently asked yourself, “How do I choose an estate planning attorney near me?” It is a great question and an important one as well. Finding the right estate planning attorney may involve reviewing an attorney’s experience, accessibility, and your comfort level with the attorney. There are usually numerous estate planning attorneys in almost… Read more »

The Quiet Ones: Helping to Care for Family Caregivers

Have you considered that family caregivers are almost always working? They are often, however, quiet or in the background, and not easily recognized for the valuable work they do every day, and often into every night. They may struggle to balance caregiving with other responsibilities, such as caring for their children, or with other activities… Read more »