Spring Cleaning means Spring Planning


Birds are chirping and flowers are sprouting…spring is in the air! Time to swap the winter sweaters for t-shirts and begin your spring cleaning.


This spring, add a different meaning to “spring cleaning” like “dusting up my estate documents” or “getting rid of the out of state documents and preparing new documents for the state I now live in” or even “finally organizing the file that has all your wants and wishes for that just in case time.” Let’s use this spring to make the estate plan we need to protect ourselves and those we love most.


Where do we get started? Much like choosing a room to start in, first ask yourself if you know where your original documents are? Locate your documents, sit down and reread them.  There is a high probability that changes will have to be made in your estate. Relationships change so you may need to add or remove people from your estate. Maybe you are now married or divorced, or there’s been a new additional of a grandchild to your family, you want to take the time to make these changes.


Second, think about your overall estate. Over time, you have most likely accumulated new assets to add to your estate. Whether it be a car or a house, or even new pets, make sure to keep your estate is updated to accurately reflect your wishes for your legacy.


Even if you do not believe you have changes to make, if you have not met with your attorney in over two years than take the initiative to go see your lawyer to go over your estate and stay up to date.  Set a time to meet and go over your documents. Even though you may not feel like you have had changes in your life that require you to update your estate, there could be things that you may be overlooking. From small valuable items to even new decision makers, taking the time to meet with your attorney will protect you in the long run.  You can call us at 866-603-5976 or contact us via our website to schedule a meeting with Donna directly.
Be sure to not let time get to you and make it a habit to add spring cleaning to not only your house but your estate planning as well!