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Key Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Estate Plan When You Move to a New State


Anyone that has ever moved to a new state has likely gone through the arduous task of updating an address on multiple documents and accounts. Did you know, however, that there may be a bigger and even more important update necessary for your financial security when you move? That important update would be updating your… Read more »

The Biden Administration Plan for the Federal Estate Tax


Have you been wondering what the Biden administration proposals for the federal estate tax would mean for you? If so, you may not be alone. The estate and gift tax rules can be complicated and there are many intricacies involved. The Biden administration has proposed two major changes. One is to raise the capital gains… Read more »

Three Reasons Why You Would Want a Pet Trust in Your Estate Plan


Did you know that pet trusts may be for more than just wealthy individuals? While pet trusts may seem like something that only Leona Helmsley needed to worry about, they can be extremely helpful for all regular pet owners. Between making financial provisions for your pet and helping to ensure all of your pet’s medical… Read more »