Veterans Disability Planning

Veterans Disability Planning

The unfortunate truth is that many military families are unaware of the benefits available to them for their military service. More so attempting to obtain these benefits is a complex, arduous, and exasperating process. Even for the most qualified and disabled veteran’s, applying for disability benefits is a time-consuming and stressful process. An attorney specializing in disability law and veteran’s benefits can best help you navigate the challenging process of obtain the benefits you deserve and are entitled to under the law.

Aid and Attendance Benefits for Veterans, Non-Service Benefits for Long Term Care, the Veteran’s Administration Non-Service Connected Disability Pension, and Medicaid Long Term Care are some of the benefits available to qualifying veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Application must be made to the Veteran’s Administration and the process is oftentimes slow and cumbersome. Aid and Attendance benefits are tax free pension benefits for wartime veterans and their surviving spouses. Certain financial thresholds and medical requirements must be met to receive this benefit. The VA Non-Service Disability Pension with Aid and Attendance is very helpful for many service members dealing with issues of disability and also provides tax-free pension benefits to qualifying wartime veterans and their surviving spouses. This monthly pension benefit was designed to defray long term care costs and is intended to assist veterans who are disabled due to reasons other than their service in the military. This benefit is available to veterans over the age of 65 and veterans under the age of 65 who are permanently and totally disabled or have very limited or no income.

If you served your country in any branch of the Armed Forces and are now faced with a disability you should seriously consider consulting an attorney who is knowledgeable as to the variety of benefits available for veterans. Your attorney can discuss your goals and guide you towards the best available benefits for you and your family all while guiding you and advocating for you in the complex process of helping you obtain the benefits you earned through your service.

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