Worried About Seniors Scams? Get the Tips You Need!

Did you know that statistics show that at least one in five Americans over the age of 65 will be scammed?  Medicare scams are particularly on the rise. Protecting the elderly should be a priority for everyone.


Agencies, attorneys, law enforcement and researchers across the nation are reporting an increase in activity from scam operators. These reports have come back especially high where it comes to scammers who claim to represent Medicare companies. In these instances, scammers ask the victim, usually a senior, to verify or provide his or her personal banking information.  Often, they make up fraudulent claims and have been able to determine the doctor of the senior. Unfortunately, these callers are usually very aggressive and call multiple times if they do not receive the information they desire.


We want to help you protect the seniors that you love! Here are the tips we give our clients, professionals we work with and friends in the community. Need more? Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know.


Tip 1: If anyone calls and asks for personal information do not give it to them. Medicare providers will not call to update Medicare cards. If someone calls claiming to need to update information over the phone, it is most likely a scam.


Tip 2: If the senior you love does not know how to manage his or her finances, it is important that you or someone else get involved. Monitoring finances is very important to prevent scams, especially to ensure that there is no suspicious activity occurring on any accounts.


Tip 3: If personal information has been given out, it is crucial that a call is made to the credit bureau to address the issue or credit card company, if one was used, to prevent further scams. This call must be made immediately in order to be protected from extreme financial harm.


The key here is to always be on the lookout for scams. They can happen to anyone at any time. If a person is cautious and follows these tips they can decrease the likelihood of being scammed. 

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